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  1. WAMIC Statement
  2. Pro Tips for Remote Workers
  3. Travel Letter for Employees
  4. WAMIC Member Responses
  5. Personnel Seminar to Be Rescheduled
  6. Short Course Still Scheduled for May
  7. Travel Restrictions for WAMIC Staff
  8. FAQs

WAMIC Statement

This crisis is truly unprecedented. The federal government is racing to pass an economic stimulus package designed to ease the economic burden on Americans.

Remember that we are mutuals. Our policyholders are the reason we exist. They are our owners. Mutuality has always meant that we share risk with each other. For well over a century that has meant sharing insurance risk, but this crisis may be the time for us to extend the definition of mutuality well beyond insurance. We encourage our mutual members to do everything they can to assist their policyholders through this crisis. 

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Pro Tips for Remote Workers

We put together some pro tips to help you adjust to working remotely. 

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Travel Letter for Employees template

In response to Emergency Order #12 issued by Governor Evers this morning, WAMIC has developed a Travel Letter for Employees template. While we do not expect the authorities to stop motorists to enforce the Safer at Home order, it may be prudent for members to provide a copy of this letter to all employees. Members should customize the letter with accurate contact information for inquiries. Employees should keep the letter on hand to provide to the authorities upon request. 

Travel Letter for Employees template

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WAMIC Member Responses

Annual Policyholders' Meetings

Our members have done a wonderful job of keeping us informed regarding their response to this crisis. At this point, most, if not all, mutuals have canceled their upcoming annual policyholders' meetings. OCI's expectation is that, once the crisis has passed and state restrictions have been lifted, mutuals will reschedule their annual meetings. The FAQ section at the bottom of this page will provide more detailed information regarding the statutory requirements for both Chapter 611 domestic mutuals and Chapter 612 town mutuals.

Office Closures

Some companies have chosen to close their offices to walk-in traffic to protect both policyholders and staff. Companies have posted the policy on their social media accounts. We recommend that companies use their agents to communicate this policy as well. 

Jakie Sperberg of Pella Mutual shared this notice that they are attaching to all renewals.  

Eagle Point Mutual shared these documents that are part of their response plan:

COVID-19 Office Schedule

Agent Bulletin

Premium Payments

I've had several questions about premium payments. Many policyholders will undoubtedly struggle to pay their bills, including premiums, as businesses continue to be shut down by the government. Some may lose their jobs while others are not receiving a paycheck. Each company will have to determine how best to handle late premium payments. 

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Personnel Seminar to Be Rescheduled

In light of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, WAMIC's primary concern is the welfare of WAMIC members, staff, and presenters. We have made the decision to cancel the Personnel Seminar scheduled for April 7th and 8th. Our current plan is to work with the hotel and presenters to reschedule for later this year. We will provide further details once we have finalized our plans for rescheduling this event.

We will process refunds for all the registrations we have received already just in case we are unable to reschedule the seminar.

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Short Course Still Scheduled for May

Yesterday at the District 1 - 4 meeting in Deforest we announced that the Short Course was going to be canceled. We made this initial decision based on the terms of our contract with the venue. However, we talked with the Holiday Inn in Stevens Point today. They were very accommodating to us and agreed to work with us regarding the room block and other deadlines.

We will continue to plan for this event and accept registrations as we monitor the development of this public health emergency. We will re-evaluate the situation in April, and notify you as soon as possible either: A) that we are canceling Short Course, or B) confirming that we will definitely offer the Short Course. 

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Travel Restrictions for WAMIC Staff

The WAMIC Staff is currently restricted from any non-essential travel until further notice. However, WAMIC will maintain normal business hours. Patrick and Jody are available by phone and email, and they will continue to provide support for WAMIC members throughout this crisis. 

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Patrick Laws via email at [email protected] or by phone at (920) 860-6828.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is insurance exempt from the Safer at Home order issued by the Governor?

A: Yes, insurance services are defined as an essential business in two sections of the emergency order.

Q: What do the statutes say about emergency situations?

Wisconsin Statute Chapter 611.55 provides boards with emergency powers in the event of a national emergency. The statute allows the Board of Directors of a mutual insurer to pass emergency by-laws to ensure continuity of the operation of the mutual. 

Q: We have canceled our annual policyholders' meeting. What are the statutory guidelines for rescheduling the meeting?

Chapter 611 Domestic Mutuals

Wisconsin Statute Chapter 611.40 through 611.425 governs annual policyholders' meetings for companies organized under Chapter 611. Chapter 611 states that Wisconsin Statute Chapter 181 provides additional regulations for annual meetings. It is important to note that Chapter 181.0701 specifically allows corporations to hold annual meetings by means of remote communications as authorized under § 180.0709 provided that the corporation's by-laws have been amended to allow this. 

Statutes require a 10-day notice of the annual policyholders' meeting. Companies that are rescheduling their meetings should be cognizant of this requirement. 

Chapter 612 Town Mutuals

Wisconsin Statute Chapter 612.11 governs annual policyholders' meetings for companies organized under Chapter 612. This statute requires a 30-day notification to policyholders if the annual meeting date or location is changed. Members should keep this in mind when they are eventually able to reschedule their annual meetings.   

Q: Who do we notify at OCI that we have canceled our annual meeting?

A - L Town Mutual Supervisor: Kristin Forsberg -  [email protected]
M - Z Town Mutual Supervisor: Elena Vetrina - [email protected]

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